To apply, you should first contact your agricultural advisor. It is also recommended that you use professional legal and financial advice before entering into a succession farm partnership agreement. Collaborative agriculture is made up of two or more farmers, who cooperate under a formal agreement for the mutual benefit of all parties to the agreement. The incentive consists of an annual reduction in income tax of 5,000 euros for a maximum of five years. The credit is distributed annually on the basis of the incentive ratio of the partnership between the farmer and the successor. This form allows you to apply for registration of a successor corporate partnership. In a rural partnership, two or more farmers are joining resources and efforts to achieve different benefits. Agricultural partnerships are becoming increasingly popular in Ireland: nearly 850 are officially registered with the Department of Agriculture and the Marine Register of Farm Partnerships. Partnerships have broad economic and social benefits and are considered by Teagasc and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Marine (DAFM) to be essential for the future development of agriculture. The Teagasc My Farm My Plan Booklet is to be finalized for the partnership. Teagasc is the certification body for this agricultural plan. Applicants must meet the requirements of the plan, as indicated in the department`s guidance. A registered land partnership must operate under certain conditions, as defined in the 2015 IS 247 and related requirements for registering partnerships on farms.

To qualify for the program, you must meet the following requirements: Registered Farm Partnership Unit (3C) Agriculture HouseKildare StreetDublin 2 . A Teagasc study on dairy partnerships (PDs) to facilitate the creation of agricultural partnerships by farmers has highlighted many benefits of agricultural partnerships, including: The main benefits of a collaborative agreement are: The Rural Partnership Register is managed and managed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Maritime Policy. The main cooperation agreements promoted in Ireland are: the application must be accompanied by the following documents: