ILUAs are contracts entered into under the Native Title Act (Cth) of 1993 by national title groups and other parties in an area where a national title has been designated or where the national title is claimed. The ILUA is legally binding when registered with the National Native Title Tribunal (NNTT) and may cover issues such as:a) representative bodies in part of the territory covered by the agreement; and an ILUA can solve native title issues and address other issues such as: The NSW government can negotiate an ILUA with local title applicants on the management of public spaces in its scope. This may apply to the entire national title law and the different land properties can be managed by one or more government authorities. 5. If an organization`s contract contains one or more of the following statements, the application to register the contract must be accompanied by a written reference indicating the place of any declaration in the agreement: 5. The date of notification of the agreement (in notification of the agreement that the clerk gives in accordance with Section 24DI of the Act). A systemic securities group is either a registered systemic securities group or a claim group. (1) With respect to paragraph 24BG (2) of the Act, an application to register an agency contract must be accompanied by the documents and information covered by this regulation. The year 2014 marks Argyle`s participation agreement between Rio Tinto and the mine`s traditional owners, the Gija and Mirriuwung. When the participation agreement was signed ten years ago, it set a new benchmark in Australia for land use agreements between resource companies and traditional owners: it created not only income streams for future generations of local Aboriginal people, but also significant opportunities for training, employment and business development and a voice for Aboriginal people in mining decisions that affect their interests. Thus, during the negotiations of the agreement, Argyle presented a commitment that was probably unique in the history of the mining industry: Argyle would not pursue its plans for an underground mine without the agreement of the traditional owners, when the law did not require it.